Students open shop in Monroe


Grambling senior Ross George and Louisiana Tech senior Mike Jones have come together to start a new business for college students in the Monroe area. The business, named College Days.Fun is based in Monroe inside of AJ’s superstore. It is offering Greek paraphernalia, mix tapes, CDs of local artists, and entertainment services. Parties offered by George and Jones are advertised under the name G-style Entertainment.

"It’s just something we both wanted to do. It is an expression of both our personalities," George said.

The cousins and business partners felt that there was room for competition in the local Greek paraphernalia market with Grambling State University, Louisiana Tech, and the University of Louisiana at Monroe all in the area.

"We’re selling authentic paraphernalia, just at the right prices," Jones said.

The store officially opened on April 17 and already has a few satisfied customers. Although the business is located in Monroe, the owners want to make it clear that they are on the move.

"We’re mobile too. If you want us to bring it to you, we’ll bring it to you," George said.

The mix tapes being offered range from much loved hip-hop mix tapes to jazz, reggae and gospel. The two also work with local artists to help promote their music.

"We really try to support local artists," Jones said.

The logo for College Days.Fun is a disco ball, representing the most exciting part of this new business; the entertainment services. These young men are throwing parties throughout the area. The name and logo ideas came from Jones. The "dot" in the title represents their use of computers in various aspects of the business.

To advertise, George and Jones have used facebook.com, fliers, and the radio. They also plan to be visible at Greek step shows and probates across the area.

George, a CIS major, and Jones, a marketing major, feel that their business will be competitive because of their point of view.

"As active college students, we can relate more. We understand the spending limits of college students because we are college students," Jones said.