Some things worse than spiders

Have you ever had your worst fear come true? What is it? Clowns, small dark spaces, spiders? My worst fear has ALWAYS been becoming trapped inside an elevator. Imagine being locked in an elevator for over an hour with no food, water, air, and absolutely no idea how an escape could be made or when rescue would come. This is what happened to me less than a month ago in Charles P. Adams. My good friend Teyana Richardson and I got in the elevator and punched the button for our desired floor choice and waited. And waited.With no noticeable movement, we got worried. I pressed the emergency call button, and it was answered by a GSU Police Department operator. We told her the nature of the emergency and that help was desperately needed. I was having a full panic attack of major portions, crying and hugging and seeking the motherly bosom of a woman whom I had never met, who was also trapped but quite a bit calmer than I was. Needless to say, something had to be done. Where were the engineers and elevator technicians? I questioned the operator. "In Monroe," I was told.In Monroe!!??!!Why is the only key to unlock the elevators in this type of crisis located in Monroe, at least a 30-minute drive away. And where were the university maintenance personnel? Our ONE on-duty maintenance technician was in Ruston running errands. What is the purpose of this message, one might ask. To inform those students who frequently use the elevators of the dangers they can pose. For me, rapists and masked murderers are a distant thought when an elevator becomes stuck in between floors with no emergency plan. Oh, how did we get out? After a few hostile and hysterical phone calls to the operator and my parents, the technician was located and the doors were pried open.