Let’s keep in touch while away

    The school year is coming to a close and once again we the students of Grambling State University will be going our separate ways. Some students will attend summer school but the majority of the student body will be leaving our friends and classmates for almost three months.    

One thing that we have to remember is to keep our relationship close with the ones that we will be leaving. Even though Grambling has taken away ‘Facebook’ we still have the ability to call one another to let them know that we are thinking about them. Sometimes just a phone call or an email can make someone’s day. Or be "old school" and write a letter. Proverbs 27:9 states Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. These are wise words that we should live by.

    We have the obligation as a Gramblinite to keep i ncontact with each other this summer and make others feel like the friendship that was developed during the school year was not in vein. It makes us seem "fake" if we just smile in each other’s face and not speak just because school is not in session. A real friend wont let a summer get in the way of talking to each other and who knows, a bigger friendship may develop in the process.

Another reason that it is important to keep in contact is because we are not promised to return to GSU in the fall. Anything can happen in three months while we are taken a break. Some people have personal reasons that we do not return. For others the lord may not allow us the privilege to come back to college. But no matter what the reason, we should be Christians and check on our fellow Gramblinites, and bless them with a word of inspiration during these hot summer months to come.

    During this trying semester many friendships that developed have fell completely apart. One sad fact is most people cant even remember why they are not friends with the person that made them upset. Every person at GSU has the ability to forgive and forget. So the big question is why not? The summer time is the perfect opportunity to forgive those who have upset you and make an old friendship rekindle. Small things that separate friendships seem petty.

    No one thinks about the seniors who will be leaving GSU forever in a couple of weeks. For those seniors, college is over and if relationships are not strong before finals are over then they may never replenish. So we should all pray that those who are graduating, transfering, or just leaving, leave on a good terms before the semester is over.

        Those who are leaving Grambling State for various reasons, I hope you leave on good terms. This is the perfect time to thrive for that friendship that fell off way back in the day. If you fell out with someone, then you should try to be the bigger person and make the first move to resolve the problem.

More than likely they are thinking the same thing.


Cedric Boyd is a junior mass communication major from Dangierfield, Texas.