Wide world of sports

The NFL draft is this weekend, and what better time for some controversy?

This year, Mr. Bush, its your turn. Former USC running back Reggie Bush is under investigation due to his parents moving to a nicer house without a significant income increase. The house was supposedly funded by a sports agency that Bush was to sign with. But Bush went in another direction. While I admit the whole thing seems fishy, can you blame him or his folks for wanting to cash in on an opportunity?

I say go for it if you can better yourselves. When the rules that are in place do the opposite, why not? It didn’t stop President Bush (another discussion for another time).

Prior to this week, Barry Bonds had yet to hit a home run and had been walked on more than half of his at-bats. The question was raised that some MLB managers didn’t want to see him pass Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list (he needs only four to pass). While this may or may not have been true, Moises Alou, the man batting after Bonds, has been on a tear.

He leads the team in home runs and has the forth highest on-base average. What does that have to do with Bonds? While he might not have been getting too many hits or home runs; he is third on the team in runs and only has nine hits on the season.So, perhaps MLB managers should stop focusing on Bonds and worry about the team. But that would be too much like right, right?

The NBA playoffs are also under way, and all I can say is WOW. The East seems to be a lock for the Pistons; or does it? The Heat have been playing motivated and will have to face one of two teams that they have played well all season long.

In addition, the Pistons, despite their 18-point romping of Milwaukee in Game One of their series, are playing unmotivated. I honestly don’t know who the favorite is in the West. The logical choice would be the Spurs, but they could face the Mavericks in the second round, and that’s not a "safe" choice.

Then you have teams like the Suns and Clippers. While they have tough roads to get there, they have chances. Both have been playing well enough to have their names mentioned as contenders. But who can count out the Lakers as long as they have Kobe?

Speaking of Kobe, he is reportedly changing his number to 24 next season because that was his number in high school. Who cares? I believe it’s just another feeble attempt to improve his still damaged reputation. Give it up; nobody cares anymore; you ruined that.

Congratulations, Steve Nash, who reportedly has won a second NBA MVP award, according to Phoenix area newspapers. It’s amazing; he didn’t have to change his number. How does he do it?


Patrick Thompson is a sophomore mass communication major from Fairfield, Calif.