How far will gas prices go?

Do you remember those days when gas was affordable? The late ’90s were a special time when you could put $10 worth of gas in your tank, and it actually did something. Now $10 won’t give you half a tank.

I miss those days. Now I am scared to drive my car because I don’t want to go to the gas station in order to pay close to $3 a gallon just to keep my car going for a couple of days until my next fill-up. I keeping asking myself why the price of gas is so high. Then I just suck it up and start pumping.

Many students are being affected by these prices the same way, and they probably have the same thoughts when they go to the gas station. But we consumers want something to happen that will stop gas from jumping from one price to another every other day. We are the ones asking the questions about who is making these prices and where is all the money going?

Congress is now questioning oil company executives, wanting to know why the companies are making record profits. Obviously, Congress doesn’t understand the concept of inventory pricing, or they’d know better. Yeah, I know. Congress does understand the concept. But they also know that you and I, generally speaking, are too uninformed to understand the concept, so they call a hearing, make it look like they are doing something about the cost of gas, and everyone feels good. Right?

High gas prices are a major problem. There are record profits being made by the oil companies, and those making billions off oil need to be held accountable. It’s theft. We are being ripped off at the pump.

Looking at gas prices in different states makes your mouth drop. They are just plain ridiculous.

In an effort to save on gas, students are changing their habits. Some have started to walk or ride a bicycle on campus. Others save by only driving when they have to. But for those who do not want to follow these examples, it is suggested that you try some type of fuel efficiency. One method to increase gas mileage is to obey the speed limit. Another method is to use the cruise control, which saves on acceleration and deceleration.

Oil companies are causing us to fear driving because we dread having to pay high gas prices. People cannot afford to drive their cars because prices at the pump are being inflated by executives who want to take every cent out of each consumer who’s just trying to drive to where they need to go.



Brummie Bell is a graduate student from Columbus, Miss.