Cops or Robbers?

I am so sure that I don’t have to explain to you all what I am talking about this week if you are a person who is in the know then you should know what I am talking about before I even utter a word.

It has come to my attention that our beloved university has indeed experienced its very own set of bandits recently. I cannot believe that cops in such a close knit community would have the audacity to try and start their own personal extortion ring and think that they would not get caught. Cops already get a bad enough rep just for being cops but for two cops, and I use the term loosely, to get involved in something so idiotic is just appalling.

In my time here at Grambling I must say that this is indeed a first for me. I have heard of corrupt cops all over the place but I never thought that I would see the day when two cops in Grambling would be the one’s betraying the community’s trust in officers of the law.

Now I could be wrong but I thought that policeman were supposed to serve and protect and not rob and neglect and abuse their power and positions by being common criminals. When the line between the police and the criminals becomes grey the two sides have merged too much and nothing good can come of it.

These two individuals have seemingly forgotten the oaths that they took when they got into office and adopted their own self-preservation oaths.

It angers me to hear that not only were these cops African Americans but the people that they were committing there deviant acts against were some of their very own people. There is no justification for them being crooked but to be crooked with your own people just seems like so much of a slap in the face to all of the black people in this area.

I sincerely hope that these two individuals will have moment of clarity while they are locked up. Maybe they will see the error in their ways and come out of jail with the desire to be an honest person and to make a fresh start in society as private citizens.

I hate that something so drastic had to happen but maybe now GSU will make a conscious effort to improve their hiring practices and to stop firing so many good people only to hire double the amount in crooked people.

But maybe I should keep my thoughts on the hush because I certainly would not want to be accused of playing the role of the hater. The things that are going on at Grambling could be the handiwork of some great masterplanner or it could just all be one big coincidence.

If the student body of Grambling State University can’t count on the the Administration, the financial aid process and now the police force then who can we count on? Someone, if there is such a person or groups of people, needs to step forward and let the students know that they are ready, willing and able to steer GSU in the way it’s supposed to go and not towards a speedy demise.

But hey, I’m just a student what could I possibly know about the way things are supposed to go or how criminals can fall through the cracks and get hired.

One thing that I am sure of is that I love Grambling State University and I feel like every wrong that is done to it is done to us all.


Wendell Graves is a graduate student from Shreveport.