Things will never be the same

I honestly don’t understand how we could not have respect for something as sacred as our school. Everyday I hear people talking about problems on campus and someone always says "What do you expect, we go to Grambling." This used to be something that was said only when something good happened.

Every time I hear one of my friends utter those words, I encourage them to not to say that but every day it gets that much harder to say. Slowly but surely GSU has gone from glory to gloom. A once renowned institution is holding on for dear life.

GSU’s biggest problem right now is that everybody’s focusing on the negative, instead of realizing the problems and being apart of the solution. "Negativity breeds negativity." I question you, if everybody is focusing on the negative issues how can we ever move forward? We have to recognize the problems that have brought Grambling down to where it is today and focus on finding solutions to head in the opposite direction.

While we as students are not totally to blame, I believe that we play the biggest role in the reversal of the regression. I say this for several reasons. We students are effected most by what happens. We are here for a reason; to get a degree and better prepare ourselves for life and a career post-graduation – not sit on the yard or to strive to be the best Madden player in the world. We have to recognize that we are given the opportunity to be better than our counterparts after graduation, for that is the only way that we can advance.

We have to have better attitudes here. If we do not go out and seek the knowledge, who’s going to give it to us? Not the teachers that have degrees, not the teachers who are so focused on the student’s individuality that they let it effect their teaching or the lack there-of. They have what we are trying to achieve and though it may seem as if they are supposed to be assisting us in getting to that point; so few really care and want to see us succeed. That however is no excuse to give up. Think about it, we all grew up around at least one person that never had faith in our abilities. Today that person is the one still sitting near you… or at home talking about what everybody else is doing.

You’re in college that’s half the battle. Never let anyone look down on you because you go to Grambling State University. Stop comparing GSU to Tech, we are not Tech. I know that you have noticed how much they talk about us. Until we have an event. Then they are the first ones asking for tickets or seeking how they can attend. Don’t pay that any mind. They talk because deep inside they are jealous. Let them talk; do what you need to do.

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." While Frederick Douglass more than likely didn’t have Grambling in mind when he said these words they are very fitting. Throughout life you have struggled to get where you are. In the end things are never as bad as they seem. So let’s suck it up and move towards a solution.


I Patrick Thompson is a sophomore mass communication major from Fairfield, Calif.