Fires scorch Pinchback again

"Makes no sense" is what freshman business management major Maurice Blake said as he and other students stood in the rain, evacuated from Pinchback Hall while the second of two fire of the day was being battled Monday afternoon. The incident devastated the second and third floors. The first fire, on the third floor, started in the morning, according to officials, with no problems or injuries reported. The second fire, however, forced firefighters to tear up the bathroom of the second floor in order to smother the fire. Students in the dormitory were evacuated by police and firefighters. The second fire, according to officials, started around 3 p.m. in the middle of the hall and within the ceiling on the other side of the bathrooms. Officials believe the same person started both fires. Five trucks filled with Lincoln Parish firefighters were called to the scene as the growth of the fire progressed within the ceiling walls. The firefighters went into the building with oxygen masks and water hoses. Fans were also used in order to get the smoke out and provide some ventilation. Paramedics were also called to the scene in case of injury, although none occurred. "It’s sad because someone can really get hurt, " firefighter Steven Jackson said. The fire ended around 3:45 p.m.As students headed back into the dorms, freshman criminal justice major Ed Johnson called the incident "unfortunate," although no dorm rooms were damaged. Grambling State University Police Chief Jefferson Walker has stated that he is determined to find out who the "pyromaniac" is. Anyone with information leading to the arrest of the arsonist is urged to call university police at (318) 274-2222. There is a $1,000 reward.