Dude, go to class … and stop doing everything else

Dude…go to class…and stop setting fire to Pinchback. We know the dorm is in dire need of repairs, but what’s your point of destroying it even more? The more you tear it up, the longer it takes to repair. Also, I would advise you to watch your back. Pinchback is looking to stomp a Texas-sized mud hole in you.

…and stop playing your Playstation 2 all day. Your PS2 will not get you a job. Even as a beta tester, they want someone smart to be able to effectively communicate with them. If you love the PS2 so much, become a programmer and program your own video games. Make your passion make money for you!

…and stop Facebooking all day. I am on Facebook a lot, but I do know when to go to class. Class is more important than seeing who poked you today. Speaking of poking, stop using Facebook as an Internet dating service. While it can be used in that way, that was not its initial goal, and everyone is not looking for a date. By the way, Facebook is not the place to be advertising your…sexual parts…

…and make use of the loans you took out. You took out a loan to get into school, but yet you don’t go to class. Gee…that was smart! Now, you’ll drop out of school and be in debt! You are now the new American Dream! *Please note my Kanye West-like sarcasm.* Make something out of your life and excel people!

…and stop sitting on the yard. The yard is a nice social setting, granted. However, our forefathers did not design it for us to become dropouts. The yard is the spot, but there’s a time and place to be on the yard. Why not go to the library every once and while?

…and get more informed. So many people keep saying that so and so isn’t doing anything, or our voices aren’t being heard. Um…that’s why we have these organizations…so you can join them and make changes! While you may be faced with circumstances beyond your control, you can always say that you tried…

…and stop thinking that sex makes the world go ’round. Sex can be pleasurable, but you don’t need to be burdened with a child that you didn’t want while going to school. I’m NOT knocking those that do have children. If that’s what you want, then that’s cool. Do your thing; I’m not your guardian or parent.

…and actually do the work. Teachers do not assign work just for their health. OK…some do, but that’s not the point. At least attempt to do the work, as it could help you in other ways that you may not know. Work is very important to advance in any profession, and working hard early could lead to a successful corporate life.

…and enjoy college. People meet their most compatible soul mates in class, not with some one night stand you met on the yard. Don’t think school is all about class. Do socialize, but not all the time. Hey…go to a party or two. Release all of that stress that your teachers put on you. Just do it in a responsible manner.

…and stop vandalizing the dorms. You’re wasting valuable money that can go to the new dorms. However, they can’t build the new dorms with students staying in broken down dorms. Dorms are supposed to be your home away from home, and I KNOW your mom wouldn’t let you throw a Corona bottle through her window!

…and stop being rude to your fellow students. We are all people who have stressed out lives. Some of us may have a better quality of life than others, but that’s besides the point. We all have our needs, and the last thing we want is for someone to walk up to us disrespecting us. That’s what cause all of these nonsense fights.

…and stop skipping class to smoke weed or should I say marijuana? Weed may be good, but I wouldn’t know. However, I do know that school and education is a lot better than smoking your brain cells…the little that some of you do have.

…and stop participating in pageants and saying that you work for The Gramblinite when you never wrote a story for us in your life!


Darryl Smith is a senior mass communication major from Monroe.