Black Dynasty story

Whatever Black Dynasty wears in their shows they are guaranteed to turn heads. This was definitely the case of their latest sidewalk show held last Wednesday in the front of the Men’s Memorial Gymnasium.

The modeling organization decided to host an entire show dressed as exotic animals from all genres of the jungle. The audience was entertained from anything ranging from ferocious gorillas to a goldfish.

It seemed that everything about the sidewalk show was another perfect Black Dynasty show. The weather was great, the crowd was into the whole feel of the show, but the timing had many BD fans upset.

The sidewalk scene was scheduled to start at 5:00 and it did not get underway until 6:21. Omar Jones, a representative of Black Dynasty stressed that the delay in time was not the fault of Black Dynasty. It seemed that the delay was transportation problems the D.J. experienced. BD used several alternatives until the D.J. was ready. Jones also stated "the presentation of Black Dynasty was dynamic." "The animal presentation of the models was very exuberant and Black Dynasty has done it once again." Many members of the audience left the sidewalk show due to the delay in time, but majority of the audience stayed during the hour and twenty-one minute wait because of the hype and heavy promotion of the sidewalk show.

The show was preformed in three very exotic segments. The first theme was the entitled Under the Sea. Every member of the scene preformed this with various colors and individual styles. To add a more festive theme to the underwater scene, many of the females wore seashells on their tops and the males were featured with body paints.

The second show was entitled Rumble in the Jungle. This segment of the sidewalk show seemed to be a favorite to the crowd. Besides the various colors painted on the models, Black Dynasty added fur onto the models to give a more aggressive animal feel to the scene. The models of this scene featured animals from long giraffes all the way to the sensual spots on the leopards. Broderick Eggins preformed as a gorilla in the scene. Eggins commented, "it was a great experience and it showed sex appeal." "It showed how people could turn the jungle into modeling." The scene concluded with a featured walk by Miss Black Dynasty Janet Jackson who modeled as a ferocious panther. She was featured as Miss BD by being carried down the steps and gave a very creative performance.

The final show was entitled Birds in the Sky. The models had a variety of colors and feathers attached to their bodies. The models portrayed a bird theme and at the same time added sex appeal to this scene to conclude the show.

Many people of the audience really enjoyed the way Black Dynasty went on the limb and added a twist to the basic modeling genre here at GSU. Freshmen Sabella Maxwell stated, "it was really nice and the people were uniquely painted. "The jungle feel made it seem like we were really in the jungle."

Despite the minor problems of the sidewalk show, Black Dynasty seemed to put on another successful show and once again BD has raised the bar for the entire modeling community here at Grambling State University.