Men’s tennis to go for SWAC

Congratulations to the GSU’s men’s tennis team on their recent advancement to the SWAC championship, which will be held in Alexandria, LA next month on the 18th of April.

Both men and women competed in the SWAC western challenge in Baton Rouge, LA this past weekend (March 15 A›,ª"March 18). The tournament consisted of five schools, tough athletes, yet only three could advance to the championship to battle for the 2006 title.

"I’m very impressed with the men’s team this year," states freshman player Faith Williams.

With one man short of the required six players team, the GSU men still managed to make it to the championship. They are currently ranked third in their division and will meet with the top three teams of the East for the Season Finale’.

Senior Jamon Clayton defeated rival school Southern University #3 player with an impressive win 6-2, 6-0. Edwards and Dillon lorimer with a final score of 8-6.

Head coach Philippe Carter states, "With a team of only seniors and juniors, I am fairly confident in our success."

Recognition to both the men and women team is well deserved for a hard fought season. We wish the Men’s team the best of luck in SWAC and encourage all to show their support next month in Alexandria.