Hardison addresses housing concerns

An issue that has challenged not only students, but parents and faculty as well is housing and it seems that it will be an issue for the fall of 2006.

For a year and a half, Shakira Hardison has been the director of residential life. "Our goal is to make sure each student is in a safe and comfortable environment," she said.

On the other hand students like Jasmine Hardge feel differently. "This semester was very unorganized." With the instant notice that Jones Hall residents had to move due to mildew on the upper floors, many students were angry about the new living arrangements. Hardge states, "It was unfair and I was disappointed."

Although, lights, water, and fire are things that cannot be controlled, many students felt that the length of time that these incidents lasted was unreasonable. However, Mrs. Hardison states, "We do care about our students, whenever things go wrong for them, things go wrong for us." She explains that it causes not only her, but the people that help run housing as well, to have longer and stressful days.

However, as things come to an end for the semester and another semester begins students are concerned about the new living arrangements now that Jones Hall is closed, which used to house the majority of female residents on campus.

Mrs. Hardison has explained that the only two high-rise dorms that will remain open are Wheatley and Pinchback. Which will be strictly for summer school students and also in the fall Pinchback will only be offered to male juniors and seniors with an extra $100 added to their housing fees.

To returning students in the fall Mrs. Hardison is requesting that those students who have already pre-housed and have decided not to return for the upcoming semester, that those students contact housing and cancel their rooms. She states, "It makes it really hard to find available space when students who are not returning do not cancel their rooms."

In addition to canceling rooms she implies that the housing staff as well as her self are currently revising the recommendation for visitation, but in order for visitation to work she suggests that more resident