Ever wondered what’s a Greek and why you should pledge? Maybe you were unsure about a certain organization and wanted some filling-in without directly asking a member. Whatever the case, last weeks "meet the Greeks" days were held so students who may be considering Greekdom could gain more insight. Many took advantage.

Tamika Woods, a junior from San Diego, Calif. was glad she came to the event. "I think this is a good idea because you really get to learn a lot about all of them."

Some topics that were commonly reviewed were requirements, information and achievements of the organizations, famous figures that are members both past and present, and what they felt distinguished their organization from others.

"You really got a chance to know your organizations on campus, and the different activities they (the members) are involved in," said Woods. "It helps you figure out which one you want to be in.

Rooms were designated to each sorority to showcase their organization. A large group of around one hundred or more female students were broken into three groups, and rotated visits to each sorority. The visits were like interactive presentations with the attendees, and students got to ask questions of the Greeks.

"We broke down out history and our principals," said Akkimma Mattox, a criminal justice major from Pomona, Calif. and member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated. "We even made it fun by doing party walks, to show them how live we get." Said Mattox. "It all helps them to get to know us.

While some may have already had their thoughts shaped on which sorority they were interested in joining, Shannon Riley came out with perhaps a change of heart. "The ladies from all the sororities were informative," said the Riley. "I was thinking about trying to join one group, but I think I may have changed my mind.

"Meet the Greeks 2006" came to a close with "Meet the Fraternities", which gave the men on campus an opportunity to meet each fraternity.

At the beginning of the evening, the men gathered in Carver lecture hall, where Brion Gundy a senior member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, gave the audience a welcome speech.

The men were then divided into five groups. These groups had to tour all five fraternities on Grambling’s campus. They were given an equal amount of time in each fraternity room. Members of the different fraternities spoke briefly about how they were founded, the purpose of their organizations, and what they currently do on campus.

Larry Hendrix, a senior member of Kappa Alpha Psi, said that he hoped the audience got an accurate understanding of Greek life.

"It’s about more than stepping and clubbing, It’s a brotherhood," said Hendrix.

The audience also got the opportunity to ask fraternity members questions about their organizations and discuss why the wanted to join a fraternity.

"They didn’t just speak on the surface," said Alec Scott, the freshman vice president, when asked what he liked about the presentations "You could see their energy."

As the night drew to a close, the men who were in attendance left with a new perception on Greek life.


Fraternity members hoped to shed light on their organization and eliminate any stereotypes the audience might have had.

"It presented fraternities in a non-threatening way," said Chris Jackson, a senior member of Alpha Phi Alpha and (whatever position). "Most people come and they are fearful, they get to see what it’s really like."

Jackson said he had a lot of stereotypes about fraternities before he joined one.

"I believe [Meet the Greeks] de-mystified the fraternities and the sororities," said Jackson.