Azusa movement celebrating 100 years

In the United States today Pentecostalism is the fastest growing section of Christianity and this year 2006 they are celebrating 100 years of existence.

"It Started in Los Angeles California in 1906," said Dr. Dana Carson. "William J. Seymour was a black, preacher who had converted a horse stable into a church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles."

From there William J. Seymour moved to an area out side of Houston Texas and there is where he met a man by the name of Charles Parham who also was a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer and he was a teacher to William but because of Jim Crow laws, William was not allowed inside of the building but he would sit outside of the door and he would listen to Charles lecture, and after class he would walk and talk with Charles after class about what he might have missed during the class.

100 years from then to now has allowed for change, and with the doing away with Jim Crow laws blacks where given a chance to be therefore now in America, land of the free the black man and more specifically in the world of religion black male preachers have gained respect and have been acknowledge on a national level.

As a result of the clash between religion and race in the early 20th century it is only the Power of God that has kept this branch of Christianity alive. Throughout all of its fighting with those who would not approve of African American development on any level especially religion, this celebration is certainly one that will be remembered for years to come.

Recently, Dr. Carson traveled to a town called Alvin, Texas just out side of Houston. He believes he was sent by God to break the barriers of racism that plague that area and other surrounding areas.

Only the Power of God will prevail in the ongoing hatred toward human beings, Gods creation have toward each other. I did not say that as a "World peace" speech because religions of the world will not come together as they do not see eye to eye, but in Alvin Texas and surrounding areas is were the Azusa movement will have its outpouring for the new century.


Otis Larry is a Liberal Arts major from Austin, Texas.