Any flavor in youthful love?

Relationships, are they a wonderful thing? I couldn’t tell you, but by today’s standards, it seems not.

I was reading an opinion piece titled, "Why wait?" Now don’t get it twisted, she’s not asking why wait to give it up. She’s asking why wait so long to love.

The subhead read, "Teen pregnancy wouldn’t have to be a problem… if this culture would support teen marriage." The column by Frederica Mathews-Green, that ran in The Dallas Morning News attracted my attention. Green argued that sticking it out through high costs, yields far more fruitful benefits (than promiscuity). She states, "Holding a great grandbaby at 67 is great and far from lonely in old age." Wouldn’t you agree?

Not saying you have to get married right away, but maybe folks should consider preparing for love at earlier ages, instead of trying to sow those wild oats for four years strong. As innocent and positive a notion this is, this whole perspective is far from the minds of today’s generation who seek refuge in dating-fun, and playing the dozen. Are our views of relationships and love distorted? I question today’s standards.

"Take Flavor of Love’s" winner Nikki Alexander. We know its fiction for her to love him. Yet she won. Then turned around and solidified her lack of love for Flav in a King magazine article… and hints at an Allen Iverson in text. She described a man of her dreams that didn’t fit Flav’s description: "Most importantly, he’s gotta be at least 6-foot-2, but that would kick Iverson out of the running." The interviewer asks if she’s "fiendin’" for the Answer and she replys, "Hell yes!" I wasn’t surprised to hear noews of a season two.

This is a statement of today’s standards, and what does this tell the youth about adult love?

These days, parents would settle for their teen daughter or son (fourteen-sixteen) to "love" each other. In Shakespearian times, this was the trend, but on today’s set, it just doesn’t make the cut.

Yet, girls are built like brick houses and teen men come in bear sizes. Youngsters are fully developed, taking in the messages and acting as young adults. And with all the grown music, T.V. shows, and ugly literature out there that these "young adults" are following, they could actually be growing farther away from love.

Youth and young adults are irresponsible, stone hearted, sex-motivated, and unenthused by love. They have lost the ability to feel emotion, they can’t comprehend the real flavor of love.

It must be hard now days for people in general, men and women, to take it back to this thing called a heart and find some fulfillment in love.

I asked my friend why are people afraid to love, and she told me, "It’s always dressed in disguises. No one wants to admit being in love because of the fear of being hurt."

I thought to myself, if you really feel love for someone, it shouldn’t be scary. We all know love is not deceitful. Perhaps folks can recognize love a lot better if they open their hearts more instead of playing the stone hearted games.

I always get a little closer to reality and what I should be thinking about when I pick up that good ol’ book, The Bible. Here’s a guide to feeling better about decisions that point to abstinence… Think about a wife and a beautiful union and really, read up. You might feel this one. Ephesians 5:20-33.