AKAs host week of activities

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Undergraduate Week began Sunday. The Alpha Theta chapter worshiped with the First Missionary Baptist Church in Monroe. Gwendolyn Douglas, the chapter’s advisor, is a musician at the church. "AKApilates" was the second event of the week that took place in the Women’s Gym. David "Rusty" Ponton, the women’s basketball team head coach, led members of the organization and others in an intense Pilates workout. Stress relief was the topic of Tuesday night’s event. Tiffany Bates, a counselor at the GSU Student Counseling Center, was the speaker for the evening. She discussed this difference between good stress and bad stress. Also, she talked about the services that the GSU Student Counseling Center provides for the student body. The ladies sponsored A Pretty Sisterly Affair in Washington Johnson Complex on Wednesday night, and was closed to the public. Graduate members from Epsilon Psi Omega, a chapter which oversees Alpha Theta, interacted with undergraduate members in Washington Johnson Complex. The ladies discussed various topics over dinner. Whitney Moore-White was the chairperson of Undergraduate Week, and stated, "Sunday we enjoyed the sermon given by Rev. A.J. Mansfield at First Baptist Church and the congregation welcomed us. The week has progressed successfully. I am looking forward to the rest of the week’s events." The ladies will sponsor a seminar focusing on financial planning this Thursday, that will feature Jackie Greer, Vertise Pickens, Janice Critton, and Gloria George. An etiquette seminar will be held only for the members, while Saturday the ladies will sponsor a campus/community clean-up beginning at 9:00 a.m. Ollie Thompson, president of the chapter said, "Undergraduate week gives us an opportunity extend services to the campus of GSU and continuing our services to all mankind." All events sponsored during this week are nationally mandated projects in which all undergraduate chapters must complete.