Words of encouragement/frustration

"I love practicing nursing and I appreciate my instructors and all they do for us, but I also have concerns too. Students have paid $250 for testing material and has yet to receive the material and it seems that some instructors don’t care."

                                            - Germika Hodges \ Level 4

"Nursing school has tendencies to be easy and well understood if you put your mind to it. Time should be spent studying and mainly UNDERSTANDING what you study. It is not how much time put in studying that but what you make out of the times you study, and your ability to translate what was learned during study time. What works for Student A might not always help Student B."

                                                        - Babatunde Bamidele\ Level 5

"For the pre-nursing students wondering what to do about preparation into the professional component, I would say be focused. Prioritizing your schedule to do class assignments during the week would be of great help. The levels are much different from pre-nursing classes. To my fellow classmates already in the professional levels keep a positive attitude and even thought you might fall behind, we have all come too far to give up so KEEP THE FAITH!"

                                                        - Kandice Wilson \ Level 1

"I have had my ups and downs with the nursing program but I can say from the bottom of my heart that it is all worth it. New students need not to be afraid to speak to their instructors, they are there to help us. Keep a positive outlook and do not worry about the negative things that are going on. God never sleeps."

                                                    -  AAshika Penn \ Level 2