Try making Easter an every Sunday event

Gramblintie staff

During a normal year, there are 52 Sundays. In many African-American families the entire family only attends church three of these Sundays, which are Christmas, funerals, and Easter.

In some families, the mother is the church going person and she forces the children to go so they will grow up knowing the Lord. The father figure of the house doesn’t go, even though he is the so-called "head of the household."

In a personal testimony of my own, my mother made my siblings and I attend church every Sunday while my father laid in the bed. Sometimes he would have to work, but most of the time he just wasn\\’d5t in the church going mood.

My father has always been the role model that I have looked up to since the day I was born. When my role model can’t even get up on a Sunday to worship the Lord, then I felt why should I? This brought up many conflicts in my mind and as a young child I was confused about what was right or wrong.

Although my father became more active in the church, I had already left for college so he missed out. My soul was already developed, and he had nothing to do with my religious upbringing. I’m not saying that he was a bad father; however, I pray that my son doesn’t miss out too, or even think these thoughts for that matter. If the Lord, along with my mother, never showed me the right way , my faith in Him would not be where it is today.

If we have people in our families who don\\’d5t go to church unless it\\’d5s Easter or Christmas we should address the matter. It is our job as Christians to show every misguided person the way to the Lord. Whether it is a mother, father, cousin or even friend, we should ask them why not make every Sunday Easter Sunday.

If we take it upon ourselves as not only Christians, but Gramblinites, to bring one more person in our lives to the Lord, then that will be thousands of people in this world who will start making the Lord a regular member in their lives and that is a blessing in itself.

So next Sunday try to ask a person whom you think may need to rededicate or develop a relationship with the Lord to join you at church. It may be difficult for us to make it to church every Sunday, but I strongly advise the Sundays we do attend, that we should be there not just physically but mentally.

God doesn’t take record of how may church services we attend but our attitude and state of mind while we are in the sanctuary.

Worship is an essential part of our spiritual journey with the Lord. If we never allow ourselves to engage in worship with our fellow Christians we will never experience "total praise." Before asking someone to start making Easter Sunday every Sunday, be careful. You might need to ask yourself first.

Cedric Boyd is a junior mass communication major from Dangierfield, Texas.