Why can’t we be friends


Gramblinite staff


Is baseball against Barry Bonds? I’m not completely convinced that baseball is not. Commissioner Bud Selig announced last week that baseball will do an in depth investigation into the steroid use. How can you do a "in depth" investigation on something that your only evidence will be hearsay?

Baseball’s credibility is on the brink of extinction and once again they are looking for a escape goat. Why not choose the big controversial black man that is about to past the most recognizable white baseball player ever? I hate to take it to a thing of race but I think it has something to do with it. Nobody knows if Barry Bonds used steroids and nobody may ever know unless he comes out and just says it.

Why aren’t there any other names being brought up? Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco both were small when they came into the league (I have rookie cards to prove it), then almost out of no where they both looked like they could be professional body guards. There was little talk about them using steroids. Even when Sammie Sosa and McGuire went on their home run hitting tear few questioned the use of steroids and even then they were quickly swept under the rug.

Now I know that Barry Bonds is not completely innocent, over the years he has made himself an easy target. Several times he has handled the media in an unacceptable manner. One could argue the definition of an athlete as well. Are athletes supposed to be perfect people that are always inviting? My answer is NO. Professional athletes are normal people that want to be treated that way.

Bonds has been in the spotlight his whole life, his father and godfather were both prominent names in Major League Baseball, I don’t blame him for wanting to have time where he’s not in the spotlight. In a interview with ESPN Bonds and his high school baseball coach talked about how Bonds used to go practice light so that he could fit in with his teammates. Most would claim to want the ability to have to take it easy during practice to fit in. Think about how hard it is for some to fit in without the pressure of being a superstar; you don’t know who you can trust.

I have no problem about there being an investigation into steroid use, that’s fine but conduct it right. I have some questions for Selig; on what basis is the investigation being conducted? When the investigation is complete what evidence will prove that steroids were used? Why was the investigation announced days after the release of the book claiming to have proof of Bonds using steroids?

Perhaps I should launch an investigation into whether or not Selig is doing his job correctly. Who am I you ask? A concerned fan that is seeing his beloved game take a turn for the worse.


Patrick Thompson is a sophomore mass communication major from Fairfiled, Calf.