Maybe we’re being a bit judgemental?

Guest columnist

If homosexuality was ever a taboo topic at Grambling State University, Terry Young’s column that ran in last week’s issue of the paper has brought light to the subject stimulating a wave of conversation across the campus.

Everywhere I go people are gathered around passionately expressing their thoughts about homosexuality.

Many times I’ve overheard people say things like I don’t hate them but I don’t want them being gay around me, or I wish they wouldn’t gallivant around campus flamboyantly displaying their sexuality. Then there are the arguments about homosexuality not being natural or of God.

It’s time to stop the insanity; our society is having trouble being tolerant of homosexuals yet so often the wrongdoing of heterosexuals go overlooked or worse celebrated.

Society allows heterosexuality to be aggressively plastered everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are.

Ladies how many times have you felt as though a guy was undressing you with his eyes, or been made to feel uneasy by a group of guys "cat calling" on the yard. If you’ve been to any club in the area you will find countless cases of heterosexuality gone wild.

People need to take a closer look at themselves and their own life styles. For everyone who would stop reading at this point thinking that I condone homosexuality I want to make it clear that I do not approve of that way of life.

Those who are religious know, the fact-of-the-matter is, homosexuality is a sin. It is a sin but from my understanding of the Bible so is lying, stealing, envy, greed, gluttony, laziness, adultery or any form of sex out side the confines of marriage. We all are guilty of something. If we do not get our lives in order, repent and turn away from our sins, committing anyone of those sins is enough to send us straight to hell.

Many don’t realize harboring hatred for homosexuals is a dangerous thing. Hate his or her ways, pray for them and let God deal with the judgment and punishment because if we were to be truthful we have no right or room to judge anyone.

Asha Williams is a graduate student from Los Angeles.


The danger of being a down-low brother

By Olivia McGlothen\ Guest columnist

What is your definition of a strong black man? Is it a football player, a fraternity member, or a baseball player? These are what most women look at as manly men who want a strong woman by their side. But what they really want is you in the front and a man on the low. This is the definition of a down low brother.

These Black men are gay but they do not consider themselves as being gay; they just like to have sex with men occasionally. These men are afraid to "come out of the closet," because they are afraid of what people might think or say about them. These men marry women to put on a front when they are with their friends and families!

These same men who hold your hand in public and take you to meet their mothers could be the same man who is sleeping with the gay guy down the street! Ladies you would not even know it because these are the men who claim to be so homophobic they cannot even stand the sight of a gay man.

Ladies, the man you know and trust could be the same man who is who is putting your life at risk. He could be bringing the HIV/AIDS virus home to you after he goes to do his business with another man. Did you know that 93,566 of the adult and adolescent women with AIDS, 64 percent were exposed through heterosexual contact? A number of these women could’ve been exposed by the 58 percent of men who had sex with men (MSM) and have AIDS.

The down low brother does not necessarily want a flamboyant gay man. He wants the head Deacon in your church or your married boss that has children at home.

Ladies, do not think for one second that this man just could not be your man. He is your classmate, your professor; he is even in your church. He is the man that you call your best friend, and he could even be in your own bed. Ladies just watch out, look for the signs and protect yourself! Do not be afraid to talk to your partner about this situation because it is as real as it gets!

While you were reading this column, seven women were infected with AIDS!

Olivia McGlothen is a sophomore\ mass comm major from Minden.