Nursing, the path least traveled


Nursing hasn’t always been what I wanted to do with my life. But in January of 1996 when my nephew was born, my view on life was changed.

He was born with hepatablastoma (cancer of the liver), and at eight days old, had to have the left lobe of his liver removed. The liver is a very vital organ, because it detoxifies the chemicals in our body and the ones that we take in (ie. alcohol and prescription drugs to name a few). If the liver is not functioning properly, death will occur. Through the process of regeneration, my nephew’s liver will grow back.

My mom and I would take him to his chemotherapy and radiation treatments regularly. We were responsible to take care of his central venous catheter and basically make sure that he was taken care of totally.

After being his personal unofficial nurse for six years, in May of 2002, he was said to be cancer free, and then I knew that I wanted to be a nurse.

Back then, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but the simple fact that I was an intricate part of the path to wellness in my nephew’s life, as well as being allowed to see him fight something that takes the life of many people today was a great accomplishment for me.

Nursing is not just about giving meds and shots; it’s about caring for the total person. Meaning their physical ailment, mental state of mind, cultural background, spiritual life and a host of other areas must be addressed before treatment could begin. *Hint Hint*

Many of us in the nursing department at times want to give up, blow things up, and the all-too-familiar cry until you can’t cry anymore. All of these emotions are a part of the normal grieving process. We just have to learn how to channel all of our aggression and put it into something productive.

Life will deal us cards that we don’t want in our hand, but the smart player will learn how to make those cards work to their advantage. Even though it will be hard, we have to learn how to dismiss irrelevant accusations. What is done in the dark will always come to the light.

For all of the students waiting to enter the professional levels of nursing, make sure you stay focused on your class work. Don’t allow anyone or anything to divert you from what you want to do. If you need help, ask for help. If you are good at something, help then next person. We are all in nursing school to becomes nurses. Do not try to bring your brother/sister down; we all have the same dream.

For the students in the levels, you are only a few steps away from that long awaited license, stick with it. You can do it. Keep your eye on the prize.

What doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger. Remember , those who bought their way through the nursing program will pay for it in the long run. Those who are first now will be last in the end.


Allison Minor is a senior nursing major from Eunice.