Kappa’s next top model

Gramblinite staff


With the various fraternity pageants that are hosted annually on the campus of Grambling State University, one organization exceeded all expectation and put on an event that will be talked about throughout the remainder of the year by presenting the 2006-07 Miss Krimson and Kream pageant.

On the elegant evening of March 30 the brothers of the Gamma Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi set out and found "Kappa’s Next Top Model" at the annual Miss Krimson and Kream pageant. Kourtni Mason, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, was crowned Miss Krimson and Kream 2006-2007 by the former winner Latasha Gray along with the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Along with her honor Felicia Gibson was crowned Miss Krimson and Joslyn Pennywell were awarded Miss Kream. Kourtni felt, "I feel so blessed to be crowned Miss Krimson and Kream. It was truly a wonderful experience"

The Kappa’s hosted this most elegant affair in the auditorium and gave the audience members the illusion that the contestants were Angels in Paris. The Master and Mistress of ceremony for this event was Ashlee Williams and Stephon Fontenot.

The stage was set up with a 15ft replica of the Eiffel Tower with nothing but lights and soft music played by the Omicron Lambda chapter of Phi Mu Alpha. Throughout the duration of the Miss Krimson and Kream pageant, the audience responded very well to the presentation that Kappa Alpha Psi displayed. Audience member Lance Gardner quoted "By far this is the most organized and successful pageant of this semester. In my opinion the show was flawless and once again the fraternity lived up to its motto on the campus of Grambling State University; I can’t wait for the pageant next year." The first category consisted of daywear in which the winner of this event was awarded Miss Since of Style. Sophomore Jessica Bolds came out victorious in this category. Following this event was the swimwear category. Contestant number eight Joslyn Pennywell, who was also crowned Miss Kream was the winner in this category.

After the Miss Swimwear event, the talent portion of the pageant was preformed. All of the contestants brought various unique talents to the pageant ranging from African and praise dances all the way to beautiful vocal and instrumental performances. But in the end, the smallest contestant Felicia Gibson was awarded Miss Talent of the Krimson and Kream pageant by singing "Here’s Where I Stand."

Following the talent portion the eight contestants participated in the question and answer portion of the show entitled Miss Congeniality. Sophia Hunter was crowned Miss Congeniality of this category due to her ability to speak clearly and confidently.

The chapter polemarch Ja’Rod Morris quoted "With this event we plan to continue to set the standards of pageantry and highlighting beautiful young women on Grambling State Universities campus for years to come."