Festival of the arts feature high school talent

Gramblinite staff

Art inspires the intellect to look beyond what it sees but challenges it to focus on its purpose. On March 30, the appreciation of art was evident as Grambling opened its doors to new aspiring artists. Dunbar Hall held its annual third High School Appreciation of Art gallery.

Young artists from all parts of Northern Louisiana including Bastrop, West Monroe, Sterlington, Ouachita, and Wossman were all invited to display their works of art. Donna McGee, one of the organizers of the event, comments, "We really wanted to showcase some our Louisiana artists, and I hope it gives them the exposure and confidence to enter into future art shows.

"Out of the three years that we have done this," she added, "we had a great turn out and hope to see more high school students participate."

The walls of the art gallery were glittered with diversity. The broad works of art displayed commemoration to Black History month, self-expression, self-portraits and simply the artists’ soul. Augusta Robinson, ninth grader of Wossman High, comments, "painted Coretta Scott King because she was strong in her struggles and, I wanted something to remember her by."

Michael Potter, eleventh grader of Wossman High, states, "I wanted to paint Bill Cosby because he’s a strong figure who is sometimes over looked."

Whether their work was done in pencil or paint, it had a message behind it. Armando Lopez, tenth grader at Wossman, who did a self-portrait, comments his work was done to help people see a different side of him.

Student commentator and freshman Sabella Maxwell comments, "I would definitely consider going over $50 dollars for the art here today. The work from Ouchita High school is advanced and the ones from Wossman are unique and straight to the point."

Paul Wandless, professor of art at West Chester University and judge of the event, states that the work at the show "was very strong and full of diversity."

"I really enjoyed judging the pieces," he said.

When judging the art he said he took three things into consideration with them being the interest in which the art is used, the personal expression, and the creativity put into art.

Six awards were given out, including three honorable mentions. First place was awarded to Hannah Shrader with an untitled piece; second place went to Elizabeth Folk of Sterlington; and third place was Jackson Knott of Ouchita High with his painting entitled "Circuit Board." Knott, unfortunately, was the only winner to appear. He commented that the inspiration of his painting was to make people take notice of the small things.

Honorable mentions included Erin Brown of Wossman High with his painting entitled "A Look at the Bad Side;" Alexis Greeley of Bastrop entitled "Unexpectancy New Beginning;" and Brittany Woods of Sterlington High with her art entitled "Mosaic Girl."

All of the students who attended the event agreed that the art show was a great way for students to get their work shown, because many high school students don’t get the exposure they need. With great appreciation, they thanked GSU’s art department.