Elder Jones will rise again

Word editor

"Elder Jones will rise again, Elder Jones will rise again, rise again, oh rise again, Elder Jones will rise again."

That’s the song that continues to rack my brain since I attended the play entitled, Church Rock written by Langston Hughes and performed by the students of the art/drama department.

In celebration of Festival on the Green the students of the art/drama department held a host of events including this eighteen minute twenty three second readers story.

Carl Norman opened the program with an introduction of the play and stated that, "the students reading in today’s readers story were the best in the department. "Six girls and four boys lined up on the stage with black binders and began to do what they do best, act.

Even thought the participants were not dressed in "on stage attire" and not acting out their particular parts they were very interesting and was able to draw the crowd in with their tone of voice(s).

The story of Church Rock includes, Elder Jones who is from Mississippi and a preacher/pastor at a church in St. Louis, Sister Maggie Bradford who is Elder Jones’ love interest, and Bro. "Bulldog" Hicks who is Jone’s deacon and best friend. These weren’t the only characters represented. "In his hands, in his hands, I’ll have you know I’m white as snow sitting in Jesus hands," was pastor Jones’ favorite song. Jones wanted to do something that would make him famous in everyone\\’d5s eye, so he thought of the genius idea to be nailed to the cross like Jesus, but not actually.

Bro. Bulldog Hicks was to make it seem like that he was really nailing Jones to the cross, "but not allow the nails to come close to his hands."

Pastor Jones told his congregation that he would rise again on Aug. 24th at 12pm (the next day). All to pastor Jones’ surprise his best friend "Bulldog" was interested in Sister Maggie Bradford and was going to do what he had to do to get her.

Bro. Bulldog allowed the nails to come in close contact with pastor Jones’ hands which made Jones to cry like a baby.

The students of the art/drama department are scheduled to present this peace at a competition in the future.