Biology Club show Easter spirit to AJB

Contributing writer

The Biology Club provided some fun-time and Easter spirit for the second- and third-grade students at Alma J. Brown School last Friday. The night before, club members took the time out to prepare for the Easter activities.

They assisted the children with making Easter arts and crafts, which resulted in gifts that they could take home and share with their family.

Candy was given to the children as well.

The children were excited and enjoyed partaking in the experience, particularly the interaction among themselves and with .the Biology Club members.

"This is just one of the ways we can give back to the community, by allowing the children to learn and have fun at the same time,"said Biology Club President David Roberts.

The day provided not only fun for the children, but had an inspirational aspect as well. Biology Club members talked to the children about what their future plans and goals are.

One Biology Club member said he really enjoyed working with the children because they motivated him to become more involved with planning his own future and working toward his aspiration of becoming a pediatrician.

The schoolchildren and teachers were appreciative of the activity and interest shown by the Biology Club, which extended thanks to the teachers at Alma J. Brown for allowing them to be involved and have fun with the students.

The Easter activities enabled the Biology Club to live out their motto: "Multicellular Organization, Making a Difference Through Knowledge, Service, and Commitment."