Stepper’s Ball a success despite small turnout

Gramblinite staff After years of planning, the SGA’s first Stepper’s Ball proved to be a big success.

The Steppers Ball brought students from all over to compete and enjoy the mid-west’s biggest dance.

Despite the small turn out many of the attendees expressed their delight and enjoyment of the event.

“It was a success-a lot of people came out, hopefully it will be continued,” said Freddie D. Harris, SGA treasurer.

The ball was originally scheduled to be held in the Women’s Gym but increment weather prevented that from happening. After pulling a few strings, the SGA was able to get access to the Washington-Johnson Complex. After the minor delay the event started at about 8:45 with only few people. However as time went on, people started to trickle in a few at a time.

Shortly after it began, there was time set aside for those that were not the best of steppers to learn from the more seasoned steppers. As more and more people came in the more seasoned steppers took over.

Eventually the best stepping couple competition began, many couples competed but only one would rise to be named the ’06 Best Stepping Couple. That couple would Corey Dixon and Latrice Dyer both of Chicago.

Many students expressed their enjoyment of the event. “Beautiful atmosphere, more gatherings should be like this clothes on and lights on” Herald Green. “It was a great- an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together because there are different steps from Chicago to Detroit to St. Louis” SGA President Levicy Crawford.

The Steppers Ball was the first of many fun, clean, and sober on campus events that the SGA has planned for this semester. When asked about up coming events Freddie D. Harris said “Lean wit it, rock wit it coming soon, get ready.”