Mass communication students attend SEJC conference

Ten students representing Grambling State University traveled to Decatur, Ga. to compete and attend mass communication related seminars at Emory University.

Schools came from all over the Southeastern United States and gathered for the 20th South East Journalism Conference (SEJC).

There was a keynote speaker on Friday, Feb. 17 was Jay Bookman, award-winning columnist of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The keynote speaker for Saturday, Feb. 18 was Sam Feist, senior executive producer of political programming for CNN. Feist spoke about how everyday is unexpected and how sometimes announcers do not know what is going to happen until it happens. He explained how important new technology was to journalists. He demonstrated how his cell phone is designed to have a special video camera that can send footage back to CNN Head Quarters.

Feist began as a law major and later switched to journalism because he felt that it was his calling.

Many students enjoyed the keynote speakers as well as the on-site competitions.

“It was a nice experience, just being around other schools and competing,” said Porsche Harris, junior visual communication student.

Porsche competed in the Feature Photography competition where she was instructed to get an employee of the university working.

Entertainment editor Orneno Wright placed second in Feature Writing.

“In spite of all the obstacles I am pleased that I placed.” Although, Orneno placed second she had difficulties getting her instructions for the competition, unlike Orneno many others who competed in the competition were already given their instructions and she did not receive hers until competition begin.

Sports editor Darryl D. Smith was ranked ninth in Best Press Photographer. “It was great being recognized for my talent and I am happy to receive an award for doing something that I love to do.”

Nevertheless, Jason Dantzler and Shameklia Quarles both enjoyed “Best Foot Forward,” which was a workshop that informed students on how to set up their resume and things that the interviewer looks for. Both students learned a lot and believed that what they learned will play a major contribution to their future.

Overall it was an experience that all 10 journalists look forward to participating in again next year, which will be held in Birmingham, Alabama.