Iwonder what the trailblazers would think … and your mom

It’s like when you do something you know you’re not supposed to be doing … and get caught. Momma takes that switch and wears you out. After the screams, the tears, the torture, you wish you never made that terrible decision.

There was a reason for the beating: You knew you weren’t supposed to do it and you did. You knew it was wrong, but you tried it only to get your rear tore up! It was blatant disregard, and you paid the cost.

Your mom whipped you to teach you a lesson about misbehavior. She was defending what was right, just and true. This simple concept we call tough love is simply a righteous means of protecting what is proper and good.

It’s a means of instilling into a child what is right and wrong. It’s a lesson that says, you know better than to do that again, make the best decision.

Fast-forward to today and folks still need the switch with their grown selves. Even in an institution of higher learning, there are people walking around breaking all kinds of rules. I’m sure you’ve learned the lessons. I’m sure you’ve got the switch. I’m sure you got dealt with by your mom, or someone who cared enough to beat you right. You think because no one’s looking it doesn’t matter? You think you’ve gotten away?

It sucks, because you may have gotten away with it. Your mom ain’t here, and no one’s got a switch to beat you with. So, I hope to play the role of conscience for you. I’ll give you something to beat yourself up with. It’s a switch called reminder.

I’m reminding you of the effects of your actions. I’m reminding you that although your mom’s not here, people are watching. We see you, and we want better for you. At this age, you should want better for yourself anyway. We’re in college.

So next time you decide to do wrong, whether it is ripping down ceiling tiles, damaging school equipment, yelling through halls, smoking, drinking, blasting music around those trying to study, going to the can in somewhere other than a toilet, throwing trash in halls, marking up walls, talking down on a school you go to, using vulgar language, disrespecting a professor, or doing anything else that is a disservice to you and everyone around you, know that it’s going on a different report card.

The trailblazers fought for our freedoms, but they didn’t fight for y’all to do everything y’all want to do.

Our trailblazers are in a better place now, and likely to be turning in their graves at the behavior of many. So, I’ll leave you with this. The day of reckoning is coming. And if you don’t correct your bad habits now, justice will be served with you on the platter. The Elders and the angels will surround the throne … to select only 144 thousand. You are being watched by someone… Check for yourself and make that switch. (Revelation 7:4-12)