Engineers Week features competition

By Amina Brown Contributing writer The Engineer department sponsored their third annual Clayton A. Wiley Engineers Week. Named after former GSU engineering professor/department head Clayton Wiley. Dr. Thomas believes Mr. Wiley was a person of great character and great love for engineering. All of the events for the week were dedicated to the many fields of engineering.

Wednesday Feb.15 was high school/competition day one of the many events offered local high schools a chance to visit Grambling department of engineering and compete. Dr. Robert M. Dixon convinces students to major in engineering by stating it touches every field, affects everything we do. I recommend you look closely at the field of engineering.

Later the department gave trophies for bridge building, clock assembly, mousetrap car, and poster competition. The students had difficult task and not a lot of material to work with. For the mouse trap we had to construct a car from wood, wheels, Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, nails, and string, with no directions says Grambling High student Jasmine Carney. A student struggles as he sits and must figure out how to assemble a clock saying, “I ain’t got nothing,” as time ticks before his time is out.

The week also sponsored on Feb 17 the 10th Technical Job Fair and Graduate School Expo for all majors, students came dressed up and ready to give resumes and portfolios to some well known companies such as Hershey, State Farm, Frito Lay, and U.S Army. Giving students an opportunity to get possible internships and employment. Schools Southern Law Center, Northwestern, and Jackson State University offered their graduate programs.

This productive week of many events was the engineering department contribution to Black History Month.