Just to set the record straight

It has been brought to my attention that I have created a small buzz around campus. Yes it was I; Shannon Marie Miller who wrote the letter to the editor that appeared in The Gramblinite two weeks ago.

The letter was backed by 16 other young ladies as well. Since I was the one who initiated the letter, I will take credit for that, however there are some things that I will not accept the blame for. I feel the need to set the record straight. I did not write the “first letter” to The Gramblinite. People are talking and it is rumored that I, or whoever wrote the first letter, is the reason that we were moved from Steeples Glen in Ruston.

The letter that appeared in The Gramblinite two weeks ago was the very first letter that was submitted. The original story about housing was selected and written by a Gramblinite staff member. The article contained information about the students living in hotels as well as in Steeples Glen in Ruston.

It was not our (Steeples Glen residents) decision to run the story in The Gramblinite. However, I am not upset that the story ran because the housing situation was something that was affecting the campus.

It does not bother me that people are talking, because I chose to bring myself before the eyes of the public. If you feel that you have something to say about the actions that I have taken, just make sure that your information is factual.

I am not ashamed of speaking out about the housing situation. I am very proud to be the one to bring some light to this issue. I have been experiencing mixed reactions from the students. Many students have made comments to me such as “You guys are stupid for writing that article, and “You guys should have just kept your mouths shut.” That is unfortunate that students have this reaction, because I believe that silence is the voice of the oppressed.

What if Martin Luther King Jr. never spoke out against racism and discrimination? I don’t think anyone would have the audacity to say that Martin was stupid for initiating the bus boycott, or initiating sit-ins at whites only lunch counters.

I’m not at all trying to place myself in the same category with Martin; however, I am one student who will stand for what I believe in.

I have received some positive feedback from students, too. Many have commended me for having the courage to submit the letter.

I thank all those who have supported me throughout this situation. The housing situation has been horrible this semester. There are a few people who have tried to make the move as pleasant as possible. On behalf of the Steeples Glen Ruston residents I want to thank Ash the shuttle driver, the entire maintenance and custodial staff, Dr. Dixon, and Mrs. Kidd in Academic Affairs. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.