Gospel Extravaganza gets Homecoming off to jubilant start

Though it was a very chilly Sunday night, souls were on fire in the T.H. Harris Auditorium for Phi Mu Alpha’s first Gospel Extravaganza. 

This event was planned as a kickoff for the other upcoming Homecoming events.  Several choirs, ensembles and soloists came out to showcase their gifts of praise.  These groups included Louisiana Tech’s “Souls on Fire,” Northwestern’s “Lifted Voices,” and Grambling State’s own “Entourage.” 

The room was also filled with people who came with open hearts and ears and smiling faces waiting to be touched by heavenly melodies. 

After the men of Phi Mu Alpha opened up the program, “Souls on Fire” took the stage and sang beautifully.  Not long after them, “Lifted Voices” took the stage and literally stunned the audience. 

As they proceeded to belt out, “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “Say The Word,” you could really feel a sweet spirit throughout the room.  They ended their selections with a song titled “Grateful” led by Latavia Williams. 

“That girl sang straight from her soul,” Lynsie Ransaw said. 

There was also a solo performance from Tierney Hewitt that left the crowd in awe. 

The last group to take the stage was none other than “Entourage,” who ended the show magnificently. 

Their last selection titled “Lord Do It” led by Charisma Sweat was absolutely flawless and amazing.  Everyone was up on their feet. 

The night finally ended with an invitation for those who were lost or just in need of prayer. 

When Omar Jones was asked how he thought the event fared he said, “I felt that it was a spirit filled and glorious program.”