Deaf education exciting major

The Grambling State University Deaf Education program is looking for students, especially education majors, to minor in Deaf Education. While they do have dedicated students, now they are looking to expand because the long time minor is soon to become a major.

The department has already gone through several stages to meet the approval stage. Hopefully in the next year (fall 2006) after it gets presented to the state level it will become a degree program.

Thinking of adopting a second language? Why not try sign language. Sign language is important because it bridges the gap between the hearing impaired and the hearing population.

Within the program you can get the opportunity to learn classroom management skills and techniques toward teaching Deaf students and discover the art of Sign Language in Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced signing courses.

Several schools allow students to substitute sign language for their foreign language requirement.

“I got involved in Deaf Education for the purpose of learning sign language and I’ve been fascinated with the program ever since.” Crystal Ballard senior.

It is not difficult to find a job in teaching the hearing impaired because there is such a need for teachers and interpreters across the United States. As an educational interpreter you don’t teach the student you just follow the student around from class to class and interpret the lessons in class.

The department also has an organization called DEAF-inately HEARD. DEAF-inately HEARD is an organization that advocates and expresses the ideas of Deaf culture. This organization is open to any student who embraces the Deaf culture, and wants to become an advocate for the Deaf community.

The Organization offers tutorial services for hearing impaired students, even for Deaf students on Grambling’s campus. Hearing impaired students are offered different types of services like note taking, interpreters, and personal tutors to help their academic careers.

“The deaf Education program at GSU is wonderful. I feel as if I’ve been exposed to a world I knew nothing about. It’s truly inspiring to go to class and engage in a learning experience that’s rewarding,” said Victoria Allen, senior.

Students interested in minoring in Deaf education can contact Joyce Brown at 318-274-2201, 274-2889 or email her at brownj m@gram.edu.