Cam’Ron shot in Washington D.C.

Superstar rapper, and CEO of Diplomat Records Cam’Ron was shot in Washington D.C. Sunday morning  October 23, at 2:30 a.m. The Harlem, NY native was leaving a popular D.C. nightclub H20 in his blue Lamborghini when three unknown men tried to carjack him, according to the rapper’s spokesperson.

The suspects had pulled up in their vehicle, and demanded Cam’Ron to give up his car. Cam refused to cooperate, and they begin to fire multiple shots at the car, hitting Cam’Ron once in each arm.

The CEO was taken to a near by hospital but his injures were not critical. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and the other Diplomat members were with Cam at the hospital, and later on had him escorted back to his new home in New Jersey.

Cam’Ron had always avoided a team of security around him; he would always be spotted in New York City by himself or with a group of friends cruising in one of his brand new vehicles, or just hanging around the neighborhoods.

The Rapper was in Washington D.C involving himself in the festivities of Howard University’s homecoming weekend. He is also promoting his new movie and album both called "Killa Season" which will be in stores February 2006.