Young Jeezy leaves Boyz N Da Hood

A new boy has arrived in the hood. That’s right, New Orleans rapper and new president of Cash Money Records, Lil’ Wayne, will join the Atlanta-based group Boyz N Da Hood. Lil’ Wayne will be replacing the heart and soul of the group Young Jeezy.

Blok, who is the founder of Boyz N Da Hood and Blok Entertainment, told hiphop.com, "There is no bad blood between Young Jeezy, myself and the rest of the group. All of us are like brothers."

Young Jeezy’s solo album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 has been very successful.

Blok said the original Boyz N Da Hood lineup featured T.I., Trick Daddy and Sean Paul of the YoungBloodz. They were replaced by the newer members, Big Duke, Big Gee, Jody Breeze, and former member Young Jeezy. This will be a brand new change, not only for Young Jeezy and Lil’ Wayne, but the group as well.