Spotlight: GSU Gospel Choir makes mark

The Grambling State University Choir has been around for many years, but now students have a chance to join a spiritual section. The Gospel ensemble choir, under the direction of Marcus Rhodes is a new venture.

This semester, the ensemble consist of 12 university students, who has had a mandatory audition and accepted the chance to be in the choir.

Though the Gospel Ensemble is seen as separate from the University choir, it is just another unit.

“The gospel ensemble was formed to let those students who enjoy singing the gospel a chance to represent the university,” said Rhodes. “Our mission is to model good spiritual standings along with exceptional talents for ministry,” he explained.

Tramaud Love, a freshman and the pianist for the gospel ensemble said, “the gospel ensemble is a great experience. It gives us a chance as believers in Christ to minister to different people throughout the state of Louisiana and many other states. These are students with powerful anointed voices.

Tierney Hewitt, a junior and an alto in the choir said, “The gospel choir in a great choir to be in and to learn more about your background, ethnicity, and your heritage.”

“I love being in the choir as a whole, but since he (Rhodes) has just added the gospel ensemble, that has been the icing on the cake,” verbalized Desiree Riley, a sophomore and an alto in the university choir.

“In addition to the university choir the gospel ensemble is a great experiential way to learn more about the background of gospel music,” Leona Williams, a senior and a first soprano in the gospel ensemble, said.

The ensemble choir does take invitations from churches and participate in other activities in the community.

Those interested in joining the choir should contact Rhodes at 274-6106.