Looking for guidance?

“He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. ” Psalm 25:9

Greetings to all Grambling State University students, area pastors and ministry leaders. I have recently been going through some life changing situations and in the midst of those trials God has laid upon my heart to address the issues that we as young adults face everyday.

Through prayer and guidance, I have decided to compile an outreach project involving the students at GSU, area pastors and ministry leaders.

My goal is to help provide a Biblical answer to questions that may be troubling your heart, spiritual body as well as your physical body. Hardships that you may be facing are better endured knowing that you are not the only person dealing with them.

Do not despair the Bible provides an answer to every question that lingers in your mind. I would like to request the help of all area pastors regardless of what your denomination is. Each week the Word page will be featuring a pastor or ministry leader that will be addressing any questions or concerns that you all may have about life and the issues we face as young adults.

In this, myself, along with the pastors, ministers, and most importantly the Word of God, will help direct you all to the righteous path. Perhaps this new project will also lead you to a church home.

From personal experiences as well as witnessing similar situations amongst my peers, I know that as college students we can stray away from our beliefs and regret to find a church home.

Students, do not hesitate to submit your questions to the Gramblinite via email at gsugnite@yahoo.com (Attn: The Word Page), or by dropping them off at Washington-Johnson Complex Room 204. Pastors and ministry leaders, you can also respond by using the above listed email address or by calling, 274-3333. I am thanking you in advance for you cooperation. May God continue to bless, keep and dwell within you until we meet again.