Evacuees look to GSU for housing in winter

“Insurance doesn’t cover the memories,” said GSU sophomore Larry Davis. Davis was on campus while his family in New Orleans went through the motions hurricane Katrina brought their way.

“My house, car, pictures and all of my memories are lost,” Davis said.

“Besides Grambling, I have nowhere else to go.”

Grambling students from New Orleans have made campus their home away from home this semester, but the question remains if Grambling could still be home this holiday season.

The option may not be available come semester’s end, it never has been an option in previous years.

Usually dorms are closed for the holidays.

“Traditionally, the university is closed during the holiday break,” said the director of Residential Life, Shakira Hardison.

Many families like that of Larry Davis cannot return home. As of Oct. 5, the city of New Orleans reopened with the exception of the Ninth Ward.

As of now some students are living with family members, staying in local motels and apartment complexes off of campus but most stay in campus dormitories.

“My home in New Orleans is totally destroyed, all the way down to the bricks,” said GSU sophomore Henry Smith.

“Pinchback is my home for now.”

The issue has been recognized among the administration, but has not been fully discussed among such departments as Housing and Facilities.

Vice President of Student Affairs. Dr. Ernest Pickens has brought the matter before his colleagues.

“I realize that this is an issue, but unfortunately we are putting this subject on review,” Pickens said.

The administration is aware that decisions to resolve this situation must be “quickly made,” Dr. Pickens said.

He added that housing concerning effected students will soon be rectified and brought to a conclusion before the matter grows into a serious problem.

For now, the future for her home in New Orleans does not look promising to Roshawn Santee. “I live in the Broadmoor area (uptown New Orleans); my house sat in 7 to 8 feet of contaminated water from the storm.”

She still does not know if she will be able to return to her home. No further information is available on the issue.