We’re just ordinary people

When new R&B artist John Legend burst on the scene late last fall his music became widely excepted by all audiences young and old. his sultry voice and well produced tracks ruled radio and soared to the top of the charts. But one single on his debut album “Get Lifted” stood out a little more among others.

The single was entitled “Ordinary people” it was one of the springs most played out jams. It seemed as if everyone was either humming the melody to the song or bumping it in their cd players. But as people bumped the song in their cars, and walked by singing it in the hallways I begun to ask myself do they really know the meaning of this song?

The song simply talks about two people that are in love, as there feelings for each other grow they begin to move to fast causing conflict within the relationship.

“We’re just ordinary people

We don’t know which way to go.

Cause we’re ordinary people

maybe we should take it slow.”

I was recently in the predicament to have a good relationship. I met this beautiful young lady, she was intelligent, pretty and ambitious, it seemed as if she was everything I was looking for. We talked for about two months and it seemed as if it was forever because she rushed it so much.

She talked about marriage, children, living together and she even told me she loved me. This is when the relationship became too much. I knew that we were on two different pages because we barley knew each other and she was talking about love. This kind of ruined our relationship because I really liked her. However, I couldn’t tell if she was really in love, or if she was in love with the idea of being in love.

Sure we all want to be in an ideal fairy tale relationship where we meet Mr/Mrs right and live happily ever after, but we cant force that to happen.

What happened to a basic structure of a relation ship and how it should grow. What happened to meeting someone, dating for a while as you get to know them, entering into a relationship, dating for a few years after that, getting married, having children and growing as a healthy family.

In recent times it seems as if the structure of a relationship is completely backwards. Nowadays we meet someone, have sex with them before we even get to know them, have a child, get married, then we try to get to know the person. Which ultimately ends up in divorce because we find that the person we call ourself being in love with is not the person we thought they were at all. This could have all been avoided if they simply took their relationship slow.

Relationships don’t have to be rushed and rehearsed and we don’t have to linger in bad relationships. So many people feel that they have to do so much to be in love or to be loved but we have to let it flow. Make sure that you get to know the person you are dating and make sure that they get to know you as well, remember we’re just ” Ordinary People”.