Re-establish, maintain your mental safety

Have you ever been in a situation that got out of hand, you could not control, or you just did not feel comfortable in? This is largely due to your mental stability not being where it needed to be which caused you to be mentally unsafe. Protecting our minds is not something we focus a lot on. Our minds are the most important part of our body for it controls both internal and external thoughts and behaviors.

Mental safety is defined as providing the mind security and protection by way of preparing the mind to deal with intentional and unintentional operations that may cause some type of devastating reaction. Mental safety is viewed as a way of protecting one’s mind from being exposed to harmful things. For the visual people in the world, a turtle can represent mental safety. A turtle has a very hard shell that is used as a shelter to protect it from danger. Turtles go into their shell immediately when people come around, they hear loud noises or any other unfamiliar thing happens.

The shell, which is a representative of our physical mind, protects us when chaos, crisis, or confusion occurs in our life. All we have to do is go inside our minds as the turtle go inside its shell to seek mental safety when things are not going as planned. Mental safety takes practice. Mental safety is very important for it affects one’s entire life. Not focusing on yourself, allows outside forces to interfere with your mental safety.

Have you ever wondered how a person you know that was an honor roll student, a famous movie star, or even a mentor of yours suddenly got started on drugs or other bad habits? This is largely due to a lack of mental safety. When our minds are not guarded we take so many chances of being in an abusive relationship, committing a crime, or being depressed. Being unsafe causes us problems in the here and now as well as the future based on the decision we made.

Being mentally unsafe allows us to put ourselves in harms way throughout our entire life. A mental overload on our part can affect our mental safety as well. Being unorganized, not finding time for yourself, looking to others for your happiness, having a quick temper and being stressed are all a small portion of a long list of things that can cause one to be mentally unsafe.

Are you protected? Are you mentally safe? Where are you on the mental safety scale?

As a whole, we do good protecting our minds from strangers or people we do not really care for, but from our friends and love ones that is a different story. So many times we have let down our safety shields to people we are close to taking for granted that these are people we let say rude and harsh things to us that causes us to be in mental crisis. There are ways we can keep ourselves mentally safe. Here are lists of things one can do to keep his or her self mentally safe: Consistently re-evaluate your self, looking for any shifts in your strengths and weaknesses. Always knowing and accepting your limits with all tasks rather it is verbal or a physical one. Know your triggers with the purpose of working on them so they can no longer affect you. Deal with people on an individual basis, not grouping them as the same; this eliminates assuming on your part, which cuts down on a lot of confusion. The most important thing of all is using your turtle shell (your mind) as a safe place; being able to go into you mind no matter what environment you are in to find peace and safety that eliminates you from getting off track and taking the chance of becoming mentally unsafe.

When we prepare to do a task, we think of the goal, objective, or purpose, along with the results. Rarely do we think of the mental capacity needed on a consistent basis, which is the main determining factor if we want positive results. The good thing about people that are currently feeling mentally unsafe or just have never thought about it this way, there are things you can do to re-establish your mental safety.

Re-establish safety is just a matter of taking time for oneself to get in touch with the inner you. You have to re-establish your mind as your safe place by replacing positive thoughts, empowering images, and some organization in your mind. You have to be able to separate things into categories according to its importance and dealing with them according without stressing. Develop some mental drills that can assist you in dealing with maintaining a rational state of mind. Rededicate yourself to developing your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth one day at a time. Develop you a mental shield (keeping the negative things out) that will protect you when things are not going well. The most important thing to do is to re-evaluate your total life to see what alterations needs to be made to assist you in getting back on track. In addition, always develop you have a positive support system of people who have your best interest at heart.

The mind is a two-fold instrument it can be very powerful when protected but yet very weak when not protected. Are you protected? Are you mentally safe?

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