Release yourself from the box

Adaryll Moore is truly a”Man Amoung Men,” as he stated at his Release Yourself from the Box tour held on campus Friday, Sept. 2.

Although the attendence was few in number, that didn’t hinder Moore from sharing with the audience his powerful testimony.

As the students walked into the Grambling Hall Auditorium, they were greeted by Moore’s wife and the playing of uplifting gospel music.

The session began with a prayer that was prayed by Campus Minister, Connie Breaux and an introduction of the speaker performed by DeShawn Doby a member of Campus Ministry.

Moore began the session with a slide show, that told about all of the trials and tribulations that he had to endure throughout his life.

“Let me tell you about this very young boy who was set into a box by family, associates, so called friends, various types of abuse, rejection, and just life’s rough times…”

Moore passionately shared with the audience how God showed him that the homosexual lifestyle that he was living was not right and that he needed to change his life or rather get out of that box. Moore stated that, today many men and women struggle with this isssue and desperately want to get out the box but they don’t know where to go or who to turn to so they just continue to stay stuck in that spot.

Now that God has used him in a very special way, all of those men and even women have someone they can look at and know that with God all things are possible.

This session was not just about how Moore overcame his homosexuality it was about the wonders of the Lord and how He can bring you through something that you think you will never be able to overcome.

Mr. Moore, God has poured his favor upon your life. There are those who can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next.

Adaryll Moore can be contacted by e-mail at www.amooreenterprises.com.