How much time do you give?

I visited a church this past Sunday and the preacher was speaking about making excuses.

In the book of Luke chapter 14 Jesus is telling a story about a king who was hosting a dinner and had invited some people to come and feast with him.

When the time came around for the dinner to take place all of the men who were invited had some sort of excuse as to why they couldn’t attend. So the king eventually got tired of hearing their excuses and got upset. He then instructed one of his servants to go out into the streets and find the cripple, lame and blind to come and feast with him.

The servant did as he was instructed. The servant came back and told the king that he didn’t find enough people to fill the place. So the king told the servant to go back out and get more people so that the place would be filled.

At the end of the story the king said that the people that he invited first would not be the first to eat with him.

Many, many times we make excuses, just because that is the most convenient thing to do. It wouldn’t be nice if God began to make excuses just because it was the most convenient thing for Him to do.

What if God chose not to allow the sun to rise or set each day, didn’t remember to give us air to breathe, or even not allow us to open our eyes to see a new day, just because. That would be terrible.

The preacher said if I remember correctly, (I know I should have written it down) that by the time we were 70 years old, if we spent at least one hour a day with Jesus meaning praying, meditating, reading the Word, singing etc, that we would have only spent three years of our life with Him.

That seem to me like we would be jipping God of the time he truly deserve. The preacher went on to state a few more stats that made me really think if I was spending my time wisely.   

God gives us 24 hours everyday to do what we please. What if one day He chose to only give us 12 hours to get what we need done, just because.

I strongly suggest that we make it our business from here on out to make time each and everyday to spend with God. He takes time out to hear us when we are praying and to heal us when our health seems to be going bad.

So why can’t we make time to spend with Him. After all, we make the time to go to the football games and to the club.

Once you begin to make time for God you will begin to see good and marvelous things happening in your life. Things you thought were unsurmountable will become achievable.

May God continue to bless, keep and dwell within you until we meet again!


Allison Minor is a nursing major form Eunice.