Tigers to the rescue

It’s really surprising to see so many of the students and residents of Grambling participating in the relief efforts of hurricane Katrina. The past week has been one of hard work, dedication and service.

The “yard” has been swamped with organizations asking for donations from the students and the residents of Grambling. GSU even took in students from Xavier University and housed them for a short while until they were able to get clarity on their next move.

My family, along with many others, was one of the families thrown into complete chaos due to this devastating natural disaster. It’s hard to have to start all over and rebuild from scratch, but it’s such a blessing when there are communities like Grambling that are willing to take you in to their homes and lend a helping hand.

The organizations, students and facilities on Grambling’s campus who are participating in the various relief efforts are sincerely appreciated and it has proved that Grambling is not just a party town, but we are a loving and caring community that strives to truly make everyone feel that while here at Grambling they are truly “somebody.”

This is going to be a long haul for many families who were displaced by Katrina and I would like to challenge everyone to continue to donate and volunteer even after the dust settles. So, to all of you who have donated money, time and various items I would like to say THANK YOU on behalf of all of our families.

If you or your organization would like to volunteer/donate you can do so by logging on to www.redcross.org., or call 1-800-HELP-NOW. The Ruston Civic Center is also housing evacuees and will take donations on a daily basis. For those of you whose families are going through this trying time we are praying for you and may God Bless.

Items needed:

  • School supplies
  • School uniforms
  • Hygiene products
  • Baby products
  • Phone cards
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Blankets
  • Shoes
  • Nonperishable items