Freshman class elects peers to lead class for 2005-2006 school year

The GSU freshman class recently elected officers. The officers took the time to discuss plans for the 2005 -2006 year.

Candace Thompson-president: The freshman officers and myself plan to present this year’s freshman class with a number of educational and social opportunities. The first event will be our first class meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 in Grambling Hall. I ask that all freshmen come out with fresh ideas for the 2005 school year. Also the freshman SGA will host a welcome back social Monday, Sept. 19. This social was organized to promote unity among the classes. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people. I am from Madison, Miss.

Alec Scott: Basically as the freshman class vice president my major goal for this year, is to simply encourage the freshman class to get involved here on campus at GSU. To encourage them to communicate with one another and to just build positive relationships with our fellow classmates and to make sure that their freshman year here at GSU is a fun, safe, and exciting, educational school year. I hail from Anchorage, Alaska.

Antoinese Hill-senator: My plans for this year are to be deeply involved with my freshman class and to encourage involvement on the campus. I have also personally set a goal to make straight A?s both semesters and to get the freshman class involved with school and each other by being a positive leader to encourage unity and communication. My hometown is Dayton, Ohio.

Jackie Hoyle-Justice: My plan for the school year is to get the students more involved. I want to make everyone feel at home and like they are really a part of Grambling State. I am from Collierville, Tenn.

Timberly Tines-Justice: My plan for this school year is to get the students involved by having different activities each month. I hail from Collierville, Tenn.

Winter Hichmon-secretary: My plan is to help the freshman class to achieve academic excellence through study groups. We, the freshman class officers, have many great plans for the freshman class that will en force unity within the class. As secretary I plan to get the freshman class involved through serious promotion of all activities. No freshman will be in the dark about any thing. I am from DeRidder, La.

Ashley Mayo-Miss Freshman: I plan to get involved in the community by helping the youth and the students at GSU. I also plan to do my platform which is titled "Education: A degree of Importance." I also plan to produce and distribute brochures that will provide information about setting goals, eating right and getting the community involved. I am from Monroe, La.

Vanessa Burton-Senator: Well this year’s freshman class plans to increase communication. We would like to have 100% participation throughout our class, regardless of what the task at hand may be.