I won’t cook you…yet

Some people can be so rude. With all the stuff going on around campus, the past weeks the last thing that people should do is treat us (the reporters) like we are absolutely nothing. We need you just as much as you need us we are a team.

Although this column may offend some, it is the truth. As my grandmother says, “The truth shall set you free.” No names will be mentioned, but you know who you are. If any problems persist upon your reading this, you can always come and see me or email me at aphillips86@yahoo.com. Unlike yours, my door is always open.

I gave a certain coach the opportunity to shed some light on his team. When I visited their practice, he practically ignored me and gave me the run-around. I didn’t mind waiting to talk to him, after all he does have a team to coach. But when an hour passed and my complexion got a little darker, I knew that it was time to leave. But still, I waited and waited until I could no longer bear the heat, and my knees were practically buckling from hours of standing on my feet.

Don’t misinterpret my reasons for writing this I am absolutely in no way “bashing” him. I just want to let him know that he was wrong. A few minutes of his time was all I asked for. A couple of team stats, an insight on the season, a few comments from players; is that too much to ask for? I guess it was, because he made me wait in 100-degree weather for one comment.

I know what most of you are probably thinking as you read this. She’s just another reporter ranting and raving about nothing. But it is something when you are the coach and you complain about your team not getting enough coverage. Then when a reporter shows up to interview you, you act as though we are annoying and interfering with your practice.

I have never been more humiliated in my life.

Trust me this was not my intention to have to put you on blast like this, but I felt that this was completely necessary. I had no other options, as you backed me into a corner, and I had no choice but to come out swinging.

I do expect some repercussions from this column, but that’s a part of life. I would be more concerned if I didn’t get any feedback. That means I must be doing something right for you to take time out of your busy schedule to respond to my column.

Thank you once again for making my job that much easier and making me love it that much more. See ya next week.

Alicia Phillips is a senior marketing major from Baton Rouge.