U.S. gas prices hit all-time high

Rising gas prices are taking a toll on just about everything. Things are changing for individuals, municipalities, and even for people who don’t own a car.

This whole thing is a mess and the Bush administration has said very little to the American public and still seems powerless. They need to stop this outrageous gouging of our pocketbooks.

Gas prices in most Louisiana cities now hovers around $2.50 a gallon. One reports that the precious fuel has gone up to about $3.69 a gallon. And the end is not in sight. Americans are receiving no hope, no explanation, and no future forecast from the White House. So what’s a nation to do?

The nations economy will be affected in so many ways. Government vehicles, like garbage trucks, city buses, and other units are having to budget more money for purchasing gasoline. People who don’t have cars have to pay more money for bus service and taxi fares, because taxis and buses use gasoline, too.

A lot of people are at their wit’s end. They don’t know what to do. A lot of people have taken to riding city buses to work to save on gas cost. Still, others are walking where they have to go.

All of this is distressing because most Americans believe that the real reason the war in the Middle East were waged was to seize control of facilities and properties so that prices would remain down and profits would be controlled. It has been just the opposite. Production has gone up and so have prices. I guess it’s just the American Way.

Earnie Miles is a former GSU employee, is the host of The Earnie Miles Gospel Show on KNOE-TV.