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I would like to extend a welcome to all incoming and transfer students, and welcome all continuing students back to Grambling State University, “The Place Where Everybody is Somebody.”

You have chosen a great historic institution of higher learning which enhances skills in fields such as nursing, biology, and psychology, just to name a few.

A lot of you, particularly freshmen, have “undecided” as your major, and that’s okay. However, be willing to learn about the various areas of study that GSU has to offer. This includes the purpose of the major, the courses required for the major, and the courses that can be obtained from completion of the major.

One of the biggest problems that college students have today is actually knowing what his/her major is. This is an example of a person without a “plan.”

This is not a column written to offend anyone, because I recently saw myself in the same boat, but if you don’t have goals after college, you may be wasting your time.

DeShawn Doby is a sophomore Theatre major from Monroe.

If you don’t have a major, take the time NOW to evaluate your interests and choose the major(s) essential to those interests. Speak to advisors in the field(s) that you choose, for they are here to assist students in the first place.

Search for information on the internet relating to your major; therefore, you may gain better knowledge of the careers that can be obtained.

I entered Grambling with the idea that I wanted to pursue a career in the world of Engineering. All I know is that I was away from home, and I was going to college. I had no stable goals for myself, besides knowing that I was going to class the next day. I quickly lost interest in the program and decided to enter the field of theatre, which I have had interest in for a very long time.

I have been here since Fall 2003, and since then I have been moving in NO direction with NO stable plans. I have now realized that I?m wasting time and money that I will have to pay back after I graduate.

I encourage all freshmen to have fun, but know that business starts in the classroom. Believe in yourself; whatever grades you made in high school is behind you.

The course catalog is the Bible of GSU— Study It! If you have problems in a class or feel you’re in the wrong major, talk to your advisor. Don’t expect him/her to recognize a problem if it’s not displayed from the student.

I pray that all of you have a great semester. Welcome to the Tiger family!