Please leave the drama at home

Well, fellow students it has happened again.

Last week, I was having a great time sweating, socializing, and dancing at a party, when all of a sudden, the lights were turned on, the music stopped abruptly, and everyone was told to leave the facility immediately. It was only 12:30. And why? Because of the random acts of violence that occurred. Come on, people, we need to do better.

Now, I’m not too sure of the exact occurrences of the evening. All I know is the party ended before it should have, all the police cars of Grambling, and the county sheriff were there, an ambulance was called, and all parties in the Grambling area have been cancelled until further notice because a couple of people wanted to act a fool.

Some people decide to fight because they have already had a “bottle of confidence” or two prior to attending the party and think that they are big and bad and can beat anybody up for something very minor.

Others come to these parties with the specific intention of running into someone- which would explain why they have weapons on hand.

First of all, the semester has just begun. How do you have beef with someone already? And even if you do, what can you have against someone that is so extreme that you have to pull out a weapon on them, and put everyone else’s lives in danger?

And who is held accountable? The finger is pointed at whatever organization threw the party, and they end up having to pay for any damages. In the particular party of discussion in this article, the organization had to pay nearly $400 in damages and an additional fine to the university. This is unfair because the people who usually start these fights are not affiliated with the organization- and in some cases not even enrolled in school!

When crazy incidents like this happen, it also makes it harder for clubs and organizations to book future events. Now, they have to pay an extra amount for security.

No one will want to book their places to Grambling students if they think we?re going to tear up the place. This is why we are searched everywhere we go.

What’s my point in writing this column? To simply say this: Leave that drama at home, please! If you want to get drunk and act foolishly, stay at home! When you decide to fight, pull out weapons, shoot, etc., you not only ruin everyone’s good time, you put everyone in danger, whoever coordinated the party has to pay for all the damages (i.e., broken windows), and you give Grambling students a bad name. And people wonder why we have to be searched and patted down everywhere we go.

I strongly urge us to do better in the future.

Orneno Wright is a junior mass communication major from Chicago.