Let’s talk relationships

Welcome to Grambling State University! I am the Rev. Consuella “Connie” Breaux, the Campus Minister under dual appointment from the United Methodist Church to Grambling State University, and Trinity UMC, in Ruston. Campus Ministry is an outreach ministry of the Louisiana and National Board of Higher Education in Campus Ministry Arena.

You have made a wise choice to attend GSU and I am confident you will enjoy yourself in your preparation for a productive role in society.

Grambling State Campus Ministry is sponsored by The Wesley Foundation United Methodist Church, an ecumenical and connectional ministry welcoming all denominations and faith traditions to fellowship with them. The ministry is located in the A. C. Lewis Memorial Library Room 236.

GSU Campus Ministry has an active group of students and offer a variety of activities. We have a dynamic weekly schedule of events plus special activities like Theological Discovery, Several Bible Studies, Spiritual formation, College Retreats, tours/mission outreach for community services, leadership trips and conferences plus student forums. Campus Ministry at Grambling could be the place where you meet your life partner. n The SWAT Team is an exciting team to be on; we serve, worship and play. Stories are shared and witness of the students’ faith journey while in college, and how being apart of campus ministry equipped them for the challenges of school and the larger world. The SWAT Team consists of students from all denominations and faith traditions. Sharing and witnessing “how Grace” entered into their life when it seemed like nothing or no one was in their corner.

Wesley Foundation is not the only ministry organization on campus. A variety of religious clubs such as Chi Alpha, Love Alive Club, Newman Club, and Muslim Collegiate fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletics plus three Ministry of Music Groups, all under the umbrella of Grambling Campus Ministry.

All clubs must be registered in order to render services to the collegiate community.

Upcoming Activities will include:

Soul-Food Leadership Bible Study Monday, Sept. 12 6:30 p.m./Happy Hour Spiritual Enhancement, Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

The SWAT Team and Wesley Foundation will host its first Theological Discovery, Friday, Sept. 2 in Grambling Hall at 5 to 8 p.m. Check our website for more information: www.gram.edu/GSUSWAT campus ministry. Also if you are interested in what we are doing check our yahoo group GSUSWAT@yahoo.com.

Mission and community service

The GSU-SWAT Leadership team invites you to serve on Epiphany team #9 at the Swanson Correctional Center for boys in Monroe. If you are interested in serving in the spring please contact the campus ministry office. If you wish you make bake cookies, send birthday cards, or write letters of encouragement to the 30 boys who will be selected to participate in this spiritual quest. Results: SWAT/Wesley made 33 dozen cookies for the STARS at Swanson. You must attend three training sessions to certify to serve on Epiphany # 9. gsuswat@yahoo.com For more info contact Rev. Breaux 318-614-6152- 251-0750 or leave a message at 3135.

Rev. Connie is the Ministry director at Grambling State University.