Kanye celebrates with Late Registration

When listening to Kanye West’s newest effort Late Registration, one would expect West to change his style up a little bit to bring in new listeners. He didn’t do that. One would also expect him to have the dopest, bass-banging beats on the CD; he didn’t do that.

Instead, he delivered the same goods as College Dropout with a little more flavor. In this CD, West opens up to many different topics. He talks about his grandmother’s death in “Roses.” Also in that song, he brings up the ever-going question, “Why doesn?t the government have a cure for AIDS?” He also states that if Magic Johnson has the cure, would his grandmother be OK if she was in the NBA?

West continues his lyrical skills throughout the entire album. He uses some witty bars, such as “I think I must’ve died in an accident, because this must be Heaven” and “I’m trying to right my wrongs, but it’s funny how the same wrongs helped me write this song” (both from “Touch The Sky”).

Kanye?s desire to give the fans what they wanted motivated him to put out the best material that he had. Still living off the success of his first album, The College Dropout, West hit the fans with two hot singles from his new album to build suspense for his sophomore release. “Diamonds are Forever” and “Golddigger” which featured comedian/song writer Jamie Foxx gave West just the right amount of hype for Late Registration.

Kanye just wouldn’t be Kanye without talking about his jewelry. However, he switches the subject. West ponders whether or not his diamonds come from Sierra Leone. In the song, West wants to know if his diamonds come at the expense of human life.

However, in the remix, West and Jay-Z unleash a slew of lyrics addressing the rumors of Roc-A-Fella going on a downward spiral due to the highly publicized split between Jay-Z and Dame Dash. They both say that diamonds are forever, so they will be around forever.

Other notable tracks on Registration include “We Major” (featuring Nas & Really Doe), “Drive Slow” (featuring Paul Wall & GLC), “Crack Music” (featuring The Game), and others. West’s album is definitely a must-buy, as he picks up right where he left off: spitting flames.

However, the fire he spits doesn’t last on all of the tracks. “My Way Home” with Common is too short for the listener to even get in the mood of the song. Also, West made a mistake by letting the beginning of the CD start out with a banger, but ending the CD with a mild song. The bonus track “Late” could’ve been a regular track or even off the CD.

West does deliver some funny moments with the skits. The first one with Bernie Mac isn?t all that funny, to be honest. It’s not “Bernie Mac” funny.

The ones with the fraternity Broke Phi Broke are funny at times, but on an overplayed theme.

Therefore, the CD doesn’t get the famed five stars. As my mama always said, “It’s the little things that count.” The little things add too much for me to even think of a five star rating for Late Registration. Four stars.