GSU athletes take time to worship

The GSU football team not only plays together they worship together.

Grambling State’s football team visited New Galilee Baptist Church in Shreveport Sunday.

A couple of players wanted to tell us about their experience there.

No. 68 Tommy Dural stated said, “The church services were outstanding. The message that was given helped some of us personally and collectively as a team. Making it to church on Sunday mornings is a part of our weekend routine.”

“Church has always been a part of the way the football team operates. Attending church should be voluntarily, no one should be forced to attend, that is a decision that they must make on their own, so when the football team goes it is a voluntarily effort.”

“The church service was a little long, but the message was great,” No. 90 Jason Hatcher said. “I believe that us going to church together gives us time to spend with each other off the field to fellowship with Christ.”

“On our way to nationals we will need God in our lives as a team. I was reared in the church so going to church is like second nature to me.”

The football team will be visiting surrounding churches on an invitational bases.